Amazing Australian Culture facts

Surprising Australian Culture facts

Australia is one of the most important nations on the planet, visited every year by a lot of people and being on everyone’s mouth for several reasons. But simply how much do you think you understand about Australian culture? When you have any queries, here we bring you several amazing Australian Culture facts.

Aboriginal in Australia

Aboriginal Australians have inhabited the nation over 40,000 years, but despite this, they are a very little percentage of the country’s population.

Percentage of Australians born in other places

It is a multicultural country, which accommodates people from over 200 nations, therefore it is not surprising that there is a large number of Australians born in other spots. Its culture is enriched with cultural exchange.

Almost all European powers passed through this country

First they were found during sporadic expeditions of the Spaniards as well as the Portuguese, to then be conquered by the Dutch and lastly pass to English rule, which left the best cultural mark in the country. So much so that even today they belong to the Commonwealth.

They take proper care of the environment

Most species of fauna and flora in Australia are endemic, therefore the residents of this land take great care of the environment. Since childhood they are instilled love for nature and creatures that is barely seen in other areas of the world, so it is among the best places for ecofriendly tourism

Female vote

They’ve been a very feminist nation, simply because they were the 2nd on earth to allow the female to vote, in 1902, only after New Zealand, one of their neighbors.

They really like casino games.

Australians are the citizens in the world who have the best taste for casino games on earth, since 80% of the population has a really definite taste for these games.
Australia has two national anthems. The authorities once is known as Advance Australia Fair and also the unofficialis known as Waltzing Matilda, and was created at the end of the 19th century by Banjo Patterson. From 1788 to 1984 the official anthem was God Save the Queen, the British anthem.

80% live near the coast

Regardless of being a nation with really gorgeous natural scenery, in Australia the fantastic part of the country is an arid desert where water is rarely located. That is why the vast majority of Australians live near the sea, also to take pleasure in the beaches, which are the best in the world


This fact is not entirely confirmed, but some researchers think that the particular Australian means of pronouncing English is because the ancestors of today’s Australians drank lots of alcohol and, therefore, this accent is the derivation of The method of talking of a drunk person.

Canberra is the capital

Sydney and Melbourne, two of Australia’s most important cities, fought for a long time to be the capital of the nation. Their fight was so tough that another city, Canberra, ended up being named capital in order to avoid a clash between these two.

It is the capital of sport worldwide

Australians are known all over the world as the people who practice sports the most, considering that over 70% of the population practice sports. So they have one thing to teach in terms of physical activity all over the world where sport is practiced so little.

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Alcohol consumption

In Australia you add a lot of alcohol. The truth is, it is stated that the Europeans who lived in Australia in past centuries were the population that consumed the most alcohol of all time.


After learning all these cultural facts, we hope that you’re more interested in finding out about Australian culture, which is so rich and thus open to have the rest of the cultures.

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