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Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Sri Lanka


Best Holidays in Sri Lanka

If You’re looking for the best holidays in Sri Lanka, you should plan a stay in one of the many beach resorts in the North and East of the Nation.

This makes your holiday a great deal more interesting as you’ll have the ability to have a spectacular holiday filled with fun and excitement when spending time with family and friends or enjoying the outdoors.

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Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Sri Lanka? When your passport has been issued in a country on the list of visa-exempt ones, you can apply online for a digital visa.

Travel in Sri Lanka is hugely different from that of other nations in the world. The people are welcoming and friendly. They truly understand it is imperative to spend some time on vacations and enjoy the cool breezes and beautiful beaches. You won’t be disappointed with any of the Sri Lanka places you choose to go to on your holiday.

Visit the northern and southern parts of the country.

The northern coast of the country has beautiful and scenic locations perfect for a lovely beach holiday. The hotels that are located along the coast provide activities for tourists. There are plenty of shopping centers and food courts in these areas that make your holiday much more comfortable.

In the southern part of the country, there are some fabulous locations for holidays in Sri Lanka. The most popular place includes Kandy, in the south part of the country. You will find a fantastic collection of beaches, restaurants, and shops that will give you an enjoyable holiday experience.

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Kandy is also known for its churches. It was a large city during the Portuguese occupation. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many lovely and exquisite churches. A city is a picturesque place for holidays in Sri Lanka.

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The North of the country is very well known for its volcanic islands.

The tourists come here for hiking or camping. There are many fantastic destinations that you can visit during your holidays in Sri Lanka in the northern part of the country.

For those who like to relax, there are beautiful and relaxing beaches in the northern area. Many small sandy beaches offer an ideal holiday experience. Some of the beaches are only a few hundred meters from the water.

There are also luxury resorts located in this part of the country. These luxury resorts offer rooms that are just like those in an Indian hotel. These resorts also provide room service so that you can enjoy your holiday without being bothered by others.

How to obtain an electronic visa to Sri Lanka?

The process of obtaining eTA to Sri Lanka is really straightforward and easy. It’s excellent facilitation to all the tourists. The electronic travel authorization process helps tourists from around the globe visit Sri Lanka hassle-free. It’s also a unique opportunity to save some time and money.

Having an eTA to Sri Lanka is obligatory if you want to visit the country via air. eTA will be assigned to the passport number provided in the application. Your documents will be controlled at the airport by customs officials. There is no need to carry a printout of the visa.

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Apply online using the application form. Provide details from your passport and some data related to your trips, such as the planned date of arrival to Sri Lanka and the purpose of travel. Pay application fee using the payment method of your choice.

Your eTA should be ready after 72 hours and will appear in your mailbox in an individual email message. As mentioned before, there is no need to print an approved visa. With your e-visa, you are ready to start your journey.