Rataei mountain in Hpaan, Myanmar.

How Long Should A Passport Be Valid For Travel To Myanmar

Holiday Packages and Tours For You

Many tourists visit Myanmar every year. The country is lovely and blessed with many exotic tourist spots that you will find a delight to visit. There are many kinds of holidays in Myanmar that will surely make your holiday more memorable. Let us look at some of the types of holiday packages offered in this country.

How Long Should A Passport Be Valid For Travel To Myanmar?

For at least six months from the date of arrival in Myanmar. Remember that your visa is linked to your passport number.
For those who wish to have a tour in this country, but don’t know where to go from, then these tours can be taken.


Some significant countries like Malaysia, Thailand, India, and China offer numerous tours to this country. One can choose from a variety of tours that will suit his taste and budget. These tours are also tailor-made for tourists who want to take a guided tour.

These tours have itineraries, and specific routes are pre-planned for the tourists to explore this country. These tours can be quite expensive, as the experience can be quite exciting.

Another option available for holiday packages in Myanmar is the self-catering options. These self-catering holiday packages are top-rated among the travelers who don’t have the budget to travel with a group and also don’t have enough time to tour various places that these places can provide.

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Spend some quality time in Myanmar

A short stay tour to Myanmar can allow you to get away from your busy life and enjoy a holiday. These tours are perfect for the people who don’t have time to spend with a group or cannot afford to travel in a group.

These tours are easy to find because there are many options in the country itself. If you can arrange your trip at the beginning of the season, you can expect an excellent package for your tour.

For the adventurous type, some of the vacationers book the different Myanmar travel and holiday packages.

These tours include a guided tour of the various tourist attractions and a night trip to the last frontier. This expedition allows tourists to explore the different tourist attractions of the country.

tourist attraction

Those who prefer a more luxurious and cultured kind of vacation can go for a Myanmar tour in luxury. Most of the tourists take these tours and travel to the capital city of Myanmar. They spend their days in Myanmar and evenings in the capital city.

A vacation in Myanmar in luxury is not something that can be afforded by the ordinary traveler. Tourism is the second largest industry in the country, and it has so much to offer. One can easily find a package and plan the trip according to his budget.

Some of the country’s well-known tourist destinations include Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw, Kachin State, and the Ko Dao National Park. Some of the tourism destinations in Myanmar are also close to each other, which makes the trip even more exciting.

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E-visa to Myanmar

How to obtain travel authorization to Myanmar? Without e-visa, you won’t be authorized to visit the country since the passport alone is not enough. Remember that e-visas are accepted only at selected airports.

Before you apply for your visa, it would be good to check the passport’s expiry date. An electronic visa is an electronic document connected with your passport. Choose the date of arrival and departure from Myanmar and decide when it will be the best time to apply.


When your passport expires, your e-visa will expire too.
A validly obtained e-visa allows you to spend maximally 28 days in the country and stays valid for three months. For transit purposes, you’re also obligated to carry an e-visa.

Apply online using the application form and pay a service fee. The awaiting time takes up to three days. Your electronic visa will be delivered as a PDF file. Print the visa and take it with you along with the passport.