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What Is Bahrain Known For

The best beaches in Bahrain

Travelers planning their Bahrain holidays should know the best beaches in the country as well as the best places to stay while on vacation. Many tourists come to this part of the world for the beautiful sunshine and sandy beaches.

It is recommended that a good number of these holidays should be spent to enjoy the best. What is Bahrain known for? The breathtaking beaches and wide landscapes.

The Zakkaq Beach is named after a palm tree in Banyan Tree Beach and is famous for its beautiful sandy beach.

This beach is situated at the head of the town of Al Banyan and is connected to the beach at the center in the city by a bridge.

All of the usual activities in Bahrain are found here. These include swimming, fishing, parasailing, kayaking, water skiing, sailing, diving, and just about anything else that you could do with the beach. This beach is also a popular site for festivals in the summer months.

Tropical beach house

Residence Beach is found at the center of the resort city of Ubaydah. This beach is surrounded by modern apartments and villas and is perfect for those looking for a family holiday as well as the camper or the explorer in them.

This beach is ideal for those who are looking for a great nightlife to try out their fortune or those who want to relax and enjoy some great surfing. Fadh Fakhruh – Nihmud Al Jazera is a small beach not far from the center of the resort town of Nihmud.

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This beach is well equipped with hot tubs, spa pools, and shopping centers. People looking for a peaceful spot away from the hustle and bustle of the resort town will love this quiet spot.

Shadaa Beach is perfect for those who enjoy sailing. This beautiful beach is also famous for those who enjoy eating fish and chips. This is where most of the hotels located in this region are situated. It is also recommended that a good number of these hotel rooms be booked during the off-season.

Al Jawf beach is also the most popular in Al Banyan and is found at the end of the island. The beach is usually crowded and has many restaurants but is also relatively quiet. There are also many small cafes and bars located here, and it is advisable that one book their rooms well in advance to avoid the crowds.

Explore local cuisine

The best time to try the local cuisine is from November to March when the weather usually is perfect. During this time that the high food prices will be considered a bargain, as long as you consider the quality of the ingredients.

The typical Bahraini delicacy is shawarma, which is a battered and grilled meatloaf.

The low-fat version, shawarma pitta, is enjoyed in the afternoon and contains vegetables and other ingredients that are quite healthy for vegetarians.

shawarma pitta

Shawarma and pitta may be eaten with a tasty sauce, called tahini, made from sesame seeds, olive oil, and lemon juice. An essential part of Bahraini cuisine is Al Mifare, anfussar, or “meatballs.”

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They are cooked in a mixture of spices, including cumin, and served with pita bread, called a blade. Al Mifar, which comes from Iran, is like Middle Eastern Kung Pao chicken and is more commonly prepared with lamb.

E-visa to Bahrain

Bahrain is one of these countries that can be visited only if the traveler owns a proper travel document. In the case of Bahrain, every traveler needs to hold a valid passport issued in the country that is eligible for regular visa requirements and an electronic visa.

What exactly is an electronic visa, and how to obtain it? The entire application process takes place through the website. There is no necessity to visit the embassy. You don’t need to fill out long and complicated questionnaires, because there is only a straightforward application form.

planning travel

Single entry e-visa is excellent for the visitors who wish to spend a holiday in Bahrain. It’s the cheapest e-visa, and it authorizes 14 days of stay in the country. Just enough for relaxing holidays.

When you are sure that you want to enter Bahrain more than once, pick multiple entry visas.
You will get your issued e-visa in a separate email message.